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Community Service

The Migrant Gate


The Migrant Gate came into existence in 2022 and it began with a group of former law students, working professionals and social justice activists. At first the aim was on campaigning against the UK's Nationality and Borders Act that was passed in 2022, however at the end of a protest with organisation Stand up to racism the group realised that the issue was a far deep rooted sentiment not just in the UK but around the world. From a series of discussions after the 2022 winter protest the group decided to come together and create The Migrant Gate.

Mission Statement


We aim to inspire positive changes to the way refugees and migrants are perceived in the media and in Western countries. The Migrant Gate also aims to work on an international scale to ensure content, resources and awareness is made accessible to a keen audience wanting to learn more about the rights of refugees, stateless persons and the internally displaced.

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