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Book Club

Welcome to The Migrant Gates quarterly book club. This book club will aim to expand your knowledge on International  Refugee Law and current affairs in the area. By critically evaluating the work of different leading academics in the field it helps us as an online based community improve our understanding on a diverse range of topics in the area.

Solito,Solita by Steven Mayers, Jonathan Mayers & Jonathan Freedman.

A USA-centric exploration of the ongoing Central American and Mexican Immigration Crisis, highlighting the stories of people who have made the journey across the border.

Solito solita 2_edited.jpg
Vioent vorders_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Europe's Border Crisis by Professor Vaughan Williams.
Vaughan Williams provides us with a new model for evaluating European Countries response to the border crisis, based on NGO research and migrants personal experiences.

Violent Borders by Reece Jones


Geopolitics expert Reece Jones Analyses the global refugee crisis with a focus on walls and international border security.

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