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Current Affairs

Current trending topics in International Human Rights Law covering the rights of migrants, refugees, asylum seekers, stateless and internally displaced persons. It is a well known fact that refugees are prone to racial discrimination, xenophobia and ethnic intolerance. Negative and inaccurate portrayals of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants in the media or amongst politicians in the west, have helped exarcerbate further hostility to the already marginalised groups.

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Migrant Worker

The UK home Office states that 606,000 migrants were welcomed to the UK in 2022. Victor Iringere of Coventry Refugee Migrant Centre says that refugees bring a lot of richness to society both culturally and economically.

The UNHCR on Ireland

The UNHCR calls on Ireland to recognise the rights of stateless people. The UNHCR says that although Ireland is a state party to both the Convention Relating to the Status of Stateless people (1954) and the Convention on the Reduction of Statelessness 1961, there is no definition of stateless persons in Irish Law neither is there a determination procedure to identify stateless persons in Ireland.

Sudan Crisis

The UN agency have said that Internally displaced people in Sudan due to the war has risen to around 700,000 . More than 600 people have now been killed and 5,000 wounded in the conflict.

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